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Charging stations are tax deductible

At Blulinc, we are at home in electric charging with our charging stations. But did you know that both as a business and as an individual, you can qualify for a tax deduction if you have an electric charging station installed?

Why you choose to drive electric?

At Blulinc, we have smart charging solutions in store for you that make charging your electric vehicle a breeze. If you are still in doubt about buying an electric car, we list some of the benefits for you.

A smart charging station

Charging stations we know by now, but did you know there are already smart charging stations. These are becoming more intelligent in terms of charging.

A home or business charging station

Bought an electric car or provide your employees with electric cars? Then, as a business owner, you can’t do without one or more charging stations.

Is the zero-emission commercial vehicle finally coming?

Commercial vehicles greening faster later? That finally seems to be gaining momentum. In any case, Finance Minister Vincent Van Peteghem has some very concrete tax measures ready to make company cars go green faster.

Charging stations to your business

More and more companies are investing in or considering electric charging stations at their businesses. But what does it really cost? We list a few things briefly.

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