Charging card for businesses

The Blulinc charging card

Each employee’s own charging pass that can be perfectly monitored? One egg. We have proprietary charging passes that can be used at home, at work or on the road. This while still putting all costs and data neatly into one easy-to-use dashboard.

Every employee a charging pass

You can provide any employee with their own charge card. The options and any limits can be set in the convenient dashboard.

We provide charging stations at work

Own charging stations? We provide the installation and can also manage it for you.

Charging pass

Managing payments, assigning options, ... you are at the controls and decide what the charge card can or cannot do.

Always the finger on the pulse

In our handy dashboard, employers always have a complete overview of the costs incurred and the use of charge cards. That’s how you keep your finger on the pulse. An employee quitting? With a click, you lock the charge card and done. That way you never have to wonder about your budget, you get the insights in real time.

Always near you

More than 250,000 public charging points

Falling without power? That is a thing of the past. With our charging card, you charge at more than 250,000 charging stations, just about anywhere in Europe. Fast, easy and without administration. In our handy app, you’ll instantly discover the nearest charging station near you. Easy, right?

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