Charging stations for businesses

A solution for your employees

At Blulinc, we can also provide on-site charging stations. This allows your employees to charge when they are at work and get back on the road with a full battery. We arrange the installation, provide the charging passes and can also take care of the complete management of the charging stations. So you enjoy your own charging stations worry-free.

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At Blulinc, we count many satisfied customers by now. They experience the ease of use of our electric mobility solutions every day. We are therefore pleased to let these ambassadors have their say. Who better than them to sum up Blulinc’s assets and added value.

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Unburdening from A to Z


We continue to innovate and add new tools.


Blulinc provides performant and affordable solutions.


We take care of electric charging from A to Z.


Count on 24/7 support and service.

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At Blulinc, we are by your side with advice and assistance. We help you make the electric transition. Contact us and we will help you get the best and most economical solution possible.