Charging stations to your business

More and more companies are investing in or considering electric charging stations at their businesses. But what does it really cost? We list a few things briefly.

Meanwhile, there are already quite a few providers of charging stations and installations for businesses. Since your fleet here is likely to spend a lot of time idling, this is a wise option to look into.

100% tax deduction is possible

A charging station at your company is 100% tax-deductible in Flanders, when you go for fully electric cars, and thus constitutes an interesting investment. If you choose plug-in hybrids, the deduction is related to that of the car.

By the way, did you know that you can also make this infrastructure available to people outside the company? Thus, if you wish, you can also recoup some of your investment.

Possibilities are extensive

Electric charging stations today are quasi-fully customizable, so you can give them your company’s branding. Plus, your employees won’t have to charge at home, saving them quite a bit on their energy bills. The fact that you choose an electric fleet, by the way, can help you attract additional talent. A lot of people are thinking sustainably today, and an electric fleet fits perfectly into this mindset.

Within the 10 days it will be possible to have charging stations at your company. Preferably choose smart charging stations, which will also allow you to monitor consumption and the associated costs. Don’t skimp on the power of your charging station either: the higher the power, the faster you can charge. Especially if your employees often only pop into the company for a short time, it’s important that they can recharge quickly.

The prices of charging stations and the support offered by suppliers can vary widely. Comparing well is the message.