Charging stations

At your home & in your area

A charging station at your home

In cooperation with our partners, we provide a quick installation of an electric charging system in your home.

Easy to use

We deliberately choose charging stations that are easy to use. Why make it difficult when it can be easy.

With linked charging card

An electric car and charging pass from work? We link your charge card to your employer's dashboard. Bye bye administration.

A charging station at home, it couldn't be easier

Avoid the stress of a dead battery and go for your own charging station. So you can charge your car at night and hit the track the next day worry-free. We work with professional partners to install a charging station at your home and work with the best charging systems on the market.

We have a charging station for every type of electric car and make sure you can charge at lightning speed.

Always near you

More than 250,000 public charging points

Falling without power? That is a thing of the past. With our charging card, you charge at more than 250,000 charging stations, just about anywhere in Europe. Fast, easy and without administration. In our handy app, you’ll instantly discover the nearest charging station near you. Easy, right?

Download the app

Ready to take the plunge into electric driving?

We guide you with the right information

At Blulinc, we are by your side with advice and assistance. We help you make the electric transition. Contact us and we will help you get the best and most economical solution possible.