e-Mobility Service Provider (EMSP)

Becoming a partner as an EMSP

Becoming an EMSP? Get your own charging passes

Blulinc offers charging passes that you can purchase as a white label including access to our platform via an app customized to your corporate identity.

If you still want Blulinc itself to remain the direct point of contact for your clients, this is also possible.

You choose what best suits your business, needs and budget.

Charging passes as a white label

Perhaps you would like to distribute charge cards yourself under your own brand name. Blulinc helps you do just that! You enjoy customized charging passes and your own version of the app; we continue to take care of the technical back end. That way you don’t have to worry about that and you can always count on help when needed.

Prepaid charge card or subscription

There are several ways to pay with a charge card. You choose whether to opt for one type, or to give your customers the choice.

Charging can be done with prepaid credits or through a monthly subscription. Prepaid charge cards are convenient for short-term use and offer great flexibility. Monthly subscriptions, in turn, are easier for the longer term, and there’s nothing to worry about.

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