• Customised solutions. For any business.

    Blulinc offers tailor-made charging solutions for any business, at any scale. 

  • Load at home and from work?

    It's all possible with Blulinc

    Thanks to the Blulinc charging card, you charge wherever you want. Across Europe.

  • Let your customers load carefree

    at your place of business

    With a charging station at your business, you offer customers an extra service. 

  • Parcel delivery


    Switch to electric vehicles. Blulinc helps you with the transition and after.

For companies

All-in-one solution

Charging poles and charging passes
for your business

Electric driving is the future. Charging poles and charging passes, or just one or the other? Blulinc thinks with you about the right charging solution for your business.

Whether you want to offer charging facilities to your employees, your customers, or are interested in charging as a revenue model, Blulinc can do it all for you.

The one thing we never adjust? Ease of use. Because driving electric can be easy.

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Find out what our customers are saying

Customers as ambassadors

At Blulinc, we count many satisfied customers by now. They experience the ease of use of our electric mobility solutions every day. So we are happy to let these ambassadors speak to demonstrate the benefits of Blulinc.

Why you choose Blulinc.

Blulinc is the most complete, innovative and economical solution on the market for charging and managing your electric cars. We completely unburden you and your employees. For example, you can count on:

Streamline your administration

No more useless administration

A solid fleet? Then we probably don’t need to tell you what’s involved. Charging at home, at work, somewhere on the road,… At Blulinc we streamline this, you get everything neatly in a clear dashboard and all costs can be broken down to the detail. That way you’re always at the controls, you always have accurate and up-to-date data, and things like split billing and paying for recharges become child’s play.

Installation, charging passes & management

Get your own charging stations installed

At Blulinc, we can also provide on-site charging stations. This allows your employees to charge when they are at work and get back on the job with a full battery. We arrange the installation, provide the charging passes and can also take care of the complete management of the charging stations. So you enjoy your own charging stations worry-free.