At home

  • Charging anywhere, including at home?

    Blulinc: that's charging anywhere in Europe with one pass and the Blulinc app. But also charging at home with your own charging station.

  • One app. Load anywhere.

    Thanks to the Blulinc pass, you can drive your electric car smoothly across Europe. One app, one pass.

The convenience of the Blulinc charging pass

Worry-free charging at home and on the go

With the Blulinc pass, you charge carefree as an individual or employee. We install your own charging station, link your charging card and take care of the administration. Your charging station usage shows up on your employer’s dashboard, so you don’t have to keep receipts.

Why choose Blulinc?

At Blulinc, we continue to innovate and make electric charging at home as easy as possible. Therefore, we have many assets for you as an employee or individual.

Choose your own payment method

Whether you prefer to pay a fixed amount up front with a prepaid card, or pay monthly through a subscription: with Blulinc, you can do both. Electric driving should be easy, you choose what that means to you!

How it works.

The Blulinc app

With the Blulinc pass, you can charge electrically anywhere in Europe. Through the app, you can find the nearest charging station.

You also track your usage in the Blulinc app, where it is possible to keep any work and private usage separate.

Easy, right?

Download the app

Electric charging, including from home

Charging at home in 1, 2, 3

At Blulinc, you won’t just find charging passes. Do you want to be able to charge at home? Then we will come and install a charging station at your home. Even afterward, you don’t have to worry about anything. Need help? Blulinc is available 24/7 for support.

Ready to go all-electric?

Blulinc makes electric driving easy.

With the Blulinc app, you can find the nearest charging station at a glance, anywhere in Europe. Charging is done with the charge card. Charging at home? We install and manage your own charging station.