For partners

  • Become a Blulinc partner

    Is your company into electrification or electric driving? Do you see the potential of a partnership and want to join forces? Or maybe you want to become a supplier? At Blulinc, we are always open to potential partnerships. We enjoy working with strong and reliable business partners who want to move forward with us.

  • Your own charging passes

    Would you like to offer charging passes to your customers who buy an electric vehicle from you? Choose a Blulinc pass or have passes made under your own name.

  • Do you want to manage a charging station?

    With Blulinc, you can manage your own charging station. The big advantage? You enjoy 24/7 support as well as all the developments we do.

Our options for partners

Choose the option that suits you

Are you looking for charging passes to offer to customers under your own brand name or not? Then become an EMSP at Blulinc.

No need for charging passes, but would you like to set up a charging station? Then you become a CPO.

If you want to offer a total package of EMSP and CPO, choose the dual formula. It can all be done as a white label, or under the Blulinc name.

Your own platform, without the investment?

Using our platform and solutions with your own brand or white label? It’s perfectly possible. Our platform can be used by individual installers, partners and companies. Perfect for giving it your own look, with no cost for development and keeping it up to date. Count on an operative platform, a clear dashboard and continuous developments. A plug ‘n play system including charging passes: ready to be deployed.

Why choose Blulinc

Collaborating with Blulinc has many advantages. You…

In addition, you can always count on our customer service and technical support. We are constantly innovating and integrating new tools that you can benefit from. All for an affordable monthly subscription cost.

We go for sustainable

Future-oriented and innovative

Together with our partners, we enjoy building a better and cleaner world. We are therefore strongly committed to sustainability. Our solutions are sustainable and innovative. Making electric driving easy for everyone is what we do.

More than 200 companies have gone before you

Want to become a partner? You’re not alone. A lot of partners rely on us and vice versa. Together we are stronger, together we go faster.

Would you like to become a partner of Blulinc?

Then book an introductory meeting.

We are happy to work with you on the ideal solution for your situation and budget.