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Blulinc, which offers innovative recharging solutions for home and travel. Easy to manage with no administrative hassle for both the employer and the employee. Why make it more difficult?

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Professional electric driving will become mandatory from 2026

The electrification of our fleet is unstoppable and as a business owner, you need to keep up. Starting in 2026, your fleet must be more environmentally friendly. Get a head start now, with no administrative fees or additional costs. We will guide you to a smooth transition. Find out what the new legislation means specifically for you.

For companies

Turnkey commissioning and operation

Want to switch your company to electric cars? Blulinc offers comprehensive support during and after the transition.

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More than 250,000 public charging points

Running out of electricity? This is a thing of the past. With our reload card, you can reload at over 250,000 reload points in Europe. Fast, easy and without administration. In our handy app, you can instantly find the nearest charging station to you. Easy, right?

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Electric driving as it should be...

The most frequently asked questions? We will be happy to answer them for you.

As an employer, you have a monthly overview where you can check each recharge card and each consumption individually. This way, you always have an up-to-date overview.

At Blulinc, we can limit the load for each user on an individual basis if necessary. This way, you are always in control and have an overview.

Since we work with partners, we do not work with fixed rates. Our prices are market based and we negotiate with our partners to keep them as low as possible.

Ready to take the plunge into electric driving?

We guide companies with the right information

At Blulinc, we are at your side to advise and assist you. We help you make the electrical transition. Contact us and we will help you find the most advantageous solution.

Want to know more about electric driving?

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Charging stations are tax deductible

At Blulinc, we are at home in electric charging with our charging stations. But did you know that both as a business and as an individual, you can qualify for a tax deduction if you have an electric charging station installed?

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Blulinc's mission

Smart charging made easy

At Blulinc, we want to make driving electric as easy as possible for everyone. We offer innovative charging solutions for individuals, businesses and cities. Blulinc provides recharge cards, recharge subscriptions and a digital platform as an eMSP (e-Mobility Service Provider ). As a CPO (Charge Point Operator ), Blulinc also installs and manages charging stations. Are you looking for a global solution? A combination of eMSP and CPO is also possible. As a partner of Blulinc or as a white label refill solution for your own brand. It is quite possible.

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Pricing as a revenue model
Smart charging

  • Go Forest

    We plant a tree for every charging station installed

    By driving electrically, you contribute to a better environment because no exhaust fumes are produced.

    But Blulinc goes even further. For each charging station we install, we plant a tree via Go Forest.

    In this way, we can make the earth greener little by little.

    We plant a tree for every charging station installed
  • The Ocean Cleanup

    Blulinc fights plastic with The Ocean Cleanup

    The Ocean Cleanup is a non-profit organization that helps develop technologies to clean plastic from the oceans.

    Blulinc fights plastic with The Ocean Cleanup