Is the zero-emission commercial vehicle finally coming?

Commercial vehicles greening faster later? That finally seems to be gaining momentum. In any case, Finance Minister Vincent Van Peteghem has some very concrete tax measures ready to make company cars go green faster. Something we at Blulinc are obviously following closely.

Key points of the proposal at a glance

Only WLTP values left for calculations

If you are still leasing or ordering a company car from September, you may only use the WLTP CO2 emissions and this for both the tax deduction and the Benefit All Nature. If you order before Sept. 1, you may also use the NEDC 2.0 code, if more advantageous. Only the order date is considered.

Mobility budget changes

In the first pillar of the mobility budget, from September 1, 2021, the C02 ceiling will increase from 95 to 120 g/km. If an employee turns in his car, he benefits from this.

Support for charging stations

Regions are responsible for installing more charging stations, but the plan also includes a number of incentives for individuals and businesses:

  • If you as a company install charging stations before 31/12/2022 and also make them available to the public (paying or not), the costs can be 200% contributed. Between 01/01/2023 and 31/08/2024, 150% is provided for this.
  • If you install a charging station at home as an individual, then these costs can be deducted in taxes up to a maximum of €1,500.
Combustion engine child of the bill

Starting in tax year 2026, for new vehicles purchased after Jan. 1, 2023, the tax deduction will decrease to disappear altogether in 2028. If you purchased your car previously, the current rules continue to apply.

Plug-in hybrids to 50%

If you buy a plug-in hybrid after 2023, there is still a maximum 50% deduction. This arrangement is valid at least until Jan. 1, 2026.

Only tax benefit left for zero-emission commercial vehicles

If you buy a new car after Jan. 1, 2026, only emission-free cars will enjoy a tax break. So only 100% electric commercial vehicles will still be 100% tax deductible. For light trucks with conventional internal combustion engines, the deduction will be limited to 50%.

Calculation of CO2 contribution and SG&A unchanged

Nothing will change about the current CO2 contribution and the Benefit All Nature.