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EV Cable Hook Kabelhaak

EV Cable Hook Kabelhaak

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With the EV Cable Hook, you can keep your charging cable tidy and clean both during charging and when storing it in your car.

You can slide the EV Cable Hook over the plug and store your charging cable on the hook. In this way, your charging cable does not lie on the ground and does not get dirty. Even when you put the cable away, you can leave the EV Cable Hook on the plug and take your rolled-up cable neatly with you.

With the EV Cable Hook, you no longer have charging cables that are tangled or dirty, and as a result, your charging cable will last even longer.

Specifications: Material: plastic For all types of cables
- Color: black
- Package length: 235 mm (23.5 cm)
- Package width: 100 mm (10 cm)
- Package height: 80 mm (8 cm)
Features Universal Convenient to carry For daily use For all sizes of cables Applications Protecting cables Protection of pedestrians

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