For retail

Let your customers charge while they shop

Offering charging options in your business’ parking lot is only beneficial.

Your customers can charge their electric cars while shopping, and you earn from the people who use the facilities, even after opening hours.

Moreover, you can also let your employees use the charging station. With a Blulinc charging pass, they can easily recharge for both work and personal use thanks to the split-billing system.

A charging station in your parking lot

Need a charging station from Blulinc installed? Only benefits. We come to do the installation and are available 24/7 for technical support. Also, you never have to worry about updates or developments: Blulinc controls everything.


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Electric charging for customers and staff

Blulinc installs charging infrastructure for hospitality businesses, including charging passes for staff. This way, not only can your customers charge their electric cars, but you and your employees as well.