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You go all electric in a smooth way

With the Blulinc pass you charge at more than 250,000 charging stations in Europe, get a monthly statement and always keep an overview in an easy-to-use dashboard.

Combine with home charging and/or charging at your employer’s expense? No problem at all. Discover for yourself the convenience of the Blulinc charging pass!

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Easy to use

How to use the charge card?

With one charge card, you can charge just about anywhere in Europe. Insert your card, recharge and done. Billing follows monthly, regardless of where you charged. Fumbling with different passes is finally a thing of the past.


Your own charging station is linked to your charging card, giving you a complete overview of your car's energy consumption.

Charging stations on the go

On a monthly basis, these charges are settled. Check your personal dashboard to see where and when you charged.


Did you charge at your own expense at work? You'll see this clearly in your dashboard. This allows you to easily prepare any expense report.

Always near you

More than 250,000 public charging points

Falling without power? That’s a thing of the past. With our charging card, you charge at more than 250,000 charging stations in Europe. Fast, easy and without administration. In our handy app, you’ll instantly discover the nearest charging stations near you. Easy, right?

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