Why you choose to drive electric?

Electric driving is on the rise? It makes sense, because electric cars are the future. At Blulinc, we have smart charging solutions in store for you that make charging your electric vehicle a breeze. If you are still in doubt about buying an electric car, we list some of the benefits for you.

1 l More economical than gasoline, diesel or LPG

Driving an electric car is a lot more economical than gasoline, diesel or LPG.

2 l Better for the environment

If you drive electric then you don’t emit pollutants. Count on doing your part for a better environment.

3 l Tax deductible

An electric car is 100% tax deductible. Nice touch because that way you can reduce your taxes. Charging costs can also be fully contributed. You’ll do a lot of good with this.

4 l No GFCF

In Flanders, you don’t have to pay the vehicle registration tax (GST) if you register an electric car. In Brussels and Wallonia, you pay the minimum amount. Still, another nice savings.

5 l It is quieter

Sometimes it is a bit of a lookout, but electric cars do not cause any noise pollution.

6 l Excellent for image

As a business owner, if you drive an electric car or allow your employees to drive electric cars, it will contribute to your company’s appearance and image.

By the way, did you know that, as a business, it can be interesting to install charging solutions? For example, you can strike a deal with the taxman for lower electricity rates if you let your employees charge their cars for free. Of course, you can also make your charging system available to others and charge for it.