Charge Point Operator (CPO)

Becoming a partner as a CPO

Operating your own charging stations

Through Blulinc, you can have charging infrastructure installed that you can use under your own name, or simply as a Blulinc partner. This way you can offer charging stations where people can charge their electric vehicles, and you can earn from this.

The big advantage? You enjoy Blulinc’s support, developments and new tools, without having to put in the time or effort yourself.

Becoming a CPO under your own brand

You can work under your own brand name as a CPO, the same as with EMSP. For the outside world, there will be no connection to Blulinc, but you enjoy our updates and support. It couldn’t be easier.

Installation, training and support

Blulinc comes to install the charging infrastructure on site and offers training to all partners in the Blulinc Academy. This is how you learn how to support your clients yourself. If you still need help, we are here for you.

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